Limited Art Print – Cougar – Ybelion


  • only 10 editions,
  • art print poster by the artist Ybelion,
  • high-quality white cotton fine art paper,
  • 40x40cm
  • free delivery on orders over 100 euros.


Title :

This Crowned Cougar portrait is a limited at 10-editions art print poster by the artist Ybelion.


Discover « The Crowned Cougar », a piece that radiates with the quiet power and the mystique of the mountains. This exclusive, limited edition poster, available in only 10 copies, is a work of art printed on the world-class Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper, renowned for its fine, smooth surface that enhances the detail and color of the print.

The poster measures 40×40 cm, an ideal size that commands attention without overwhelming a room. It features a cougar with a regal bearing, its intense gaze commanding respect and admiration. A delicate, ornate crown sits atop its head, studded with jewels and flowers, suggesting a sovereignty over its natural realm.

« The Crowned Cougar » is not just a simple art print; it’s a bold statement piece that celebrates the spirit of the wilderness. It’s perfect for anyone who appreciates the solitary beauty of the cougar and wants to bring a touch of wild elegance into their home or office. Each stroke and splash of color tells a story of resilience, making this piece a compelling addition to any art collection.

High-quality art paper:

The Photo Rag from Hahnemühle is a white cotton Fine Art paper, renowned for its superior inkjet printing quality. Its subtle and pleasant texture enhances the three-dimensionality and intensity of artworks. It offers vivid and detailed prints thanks to its premium matte coating. Designed for durability, it meets museum conservation standards.

Key Features:

  • Versatile support for Fine Art inkjet printing,
  • Fine and tactile texture,
  • High-quality matte coating for vibrant colors and precise details,
  • Museum quality,
  • Ideal for art reproduction.

Informations complémentaires


40cm x 40cm, 15.8inches x 15.8inches


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