I studied engineering.

And for a long time I felt illegitimate in the field of art and creation. As if by learning to solve differential equations, I’d also learned to silence my creativity.

And sometimes? The chance of life: a new job, a break-up, an illuminating encounter, uncontrollable exogenous events…

And then a questioning: « What am I doing with my life? And why am I wasting my time? »

The key is to refuse to remain in this mediocre state.

So what’s next? I’m also Ybelion. Digital artist and writer.

Daring's embodiment : The Cheetah
Portrait of the baby cheetah

What I'm doing here?

Well, I am simply happy. Does that sound silly? It’s because I do what I love: exploring my creativity and sharing it with you.

I hesitated for a long time, but in March 2023, I took the leap, not without pressure. And I’m thrilled that I did… Because it was just a small step, but it ignited ACTION. Now, I dream big. And step by step, I will reach where I want to go (with you).

And in life?

When I'm not working, I spend my free time doing four things:


A healthy mind needs a healthy body.


I let my pen wander across the page without thinking, and the greatest stories are born of fuzzy, aimless arabesques.


I use every brush at my disposal to explore my creativity (AI-arting, drawing, retouching and painting).


There's no end to what you can learn.
It's inspiring.

Many ways to support me

If you want to support me, you can collect my art, use my referral link, or just tip me. See details below!

Thanks in advance.


👉 Exposed in NYC, in Berlin, and in Strasbourg.

👉 Member of NFTC and ProofOfFrench art collectives.

👉 One of the GasHero game designer.

👉 Dozens of satisfied clients.

👉 Designer for Honey Airdrop project.