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My digital collections:

Samurai Animals

Owning a samurai animal,

A masterpiece so fine…

… It’s not just art’s allure,

But a history’s twine!

Yb's City

Yb’s City is a city populated by animals with lives crazier than you can imagine…

With A LOT of treasures to win!

Space Hunters

– Do you copy, Commodore?

Generational Wildlife Vision

From a father/son connection, a collection is born: Generational Wildlife Vision.

Cats rule the World

Cats rule the world. Yes yes they do.

And now they need to find work. Discover the cat-ctivities!

Heroic Superbloom Legacy

My unique take on superheroes.

Existing or not.

Here and abroad.

Urban Fauna Finesse

Dozens of fashion icons.

Ready to revolutionize the world.

Animal portrait

What better way to highlight the beauty of animals than to crown them?​


Call it totem animal or embodiment. We have to learn from animals.

Gas Hero

Some of my designs have been selected to be in the GasHero game!

Exposed in ! ❤️

My books

Coming soon 👀

Incroyable, ça va être incroyable !

Member of art collective ! ❤️

My physical collections:

On demand Samurai's landscape

Samurai Animals Evolution collectors: you have the UNIQUE privilege of owning one of the Samurai’s landscape!

On demand design, print&canvas

Your idea.

My style.

One unique piece of art!


Visit and check my print and limited art print!

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About me, myself&I...

... And my news!

Daring's embodiment : The Cheetah
I'm happy and proud to have of satisfied collectors ! ❤️