Stories of the Samurais

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Samurai Animals Evolution through my original NFT collection. Each NFT tells a distinct tale of animal samurais in a world brimming with color and valor.

I invite you to discover this realm divided into five vibrant lands: the green, red, blue, purple domains, and the exquisite constellation of golden isles. Behold cyberpunk cities and flower fields blooming in the hue of their country, from Golgotir’s emerald expanse to Skylola’s sapphire shades, from Zébulyt’s amethyst allure to Trivalquem’s ruby radiance, and not forgetting the golden palace of Ank-Rizal, the jewels of this magnificent universe.

In each part of the main island, I portray a « Road, » a philosophy of learning the art of the samurai unique to its color. Discover the five roads… and the sixth..?

Embark on the journey of samurai masters in the country of your choice! The Samurai Animals Evolution NFTs are not just collectibles, they are epic adventures, pieces of ancient wisdom, embodying the art, culture, and indomitable spirit of the samurai within us all.

Let yourself be captivated by Samurai Animals Evolution: an NFT collection where each piece is a gateway to a grand saga.

🌈 The Rainbow Road (TRR):

Ice-T perspective : HERE !

Osminog perspective : HERE !

Zerbino perspective : HERE !

Wani perspective : HERE !

🦡 The Badger’s Revolution (TBR):

Inxazelo perspective : HERE !

Kiboko perspective : HERE !

Winnie perspective : HERE !

💭 Beyond Illusions (BIL):

Kaza perspective : HERE !