Samurai Animals Evolution

I encountered a significant challenge: I discovered and explored new methods that considerably extended the production time of a samurai… It’s amazing how much we improve over several months.

The result? More diverse, stronger, wiser, more determined, more beautiful, more magnificent!

I’ve been at it since April 2023. I paid special attention to color composition, image quality and precision, and the life that these samurais exude. Many are discarded afterwards, and I only keep the best ones! I’ve created around 700, but I’ve only kept 400. And I’m very proud of the results. Cheetahs, tigers, mice, rabbits, bulls, birds, and crocodiles… I love them all! That’s also why I gave them a little name and a philosophical phrase they could have uttered in a Hollywood movie. That’s what makes me love them even more! And I hope you’ll like them too!

And, as time goes by, I’m going to develop the universe of these samurais, especially their stories (HERE!). Who knows where this will lead?

In summary :

400 samurais, their nickname, their mantra and… their story?

33 animals.

6 colors.

Samurai Animals Evolution is finally here in September 2023.

The first phase of mint is complete. Well done holders, you’re in for some benefits! 🫶

13th December 2023 – 10. AM ⏳

What's coming is ... ⚔️⚔️
  • Samurais on every walls ?

    What if we tried putting samurais on every wall in the world? What if you got something out of it? 🫵

  • Unique print

    You have the NFT. I'm not going to suggest you buy a simple poster. You need an upgrade! DM me ! 🖼️

  • Reserved collection and reserved benefits

    I've already said that collectors of the first and second collections would be favored. And it also depends on the rarity of the pieces🙏🏻

  • Your creation..?

    Certain conditions and.... your idea, my realization? 🤩

  • Long lives reading!

    Where there's a story, there's a book. 📖