Mint des Samurai Animals Evolution

Hey fam !

Glad to see you here.

Some details about the collection « Samurai Animals Evolution » coming soon on MultiversX blockchain and Xoxno.


« ...Owning a samurai animal, a masterpiece so fine…

…It’s not just art’s allure, but a history’s twine! »


The world:

What do you think of an immense world populated by animals? A world that has suffered several inexplicable catastrophes? Where only a few cyberpunk cities survived? And where the rest of the land was covered with fields of flowers? Where nations were not of species or political persuasion, but of color? What we think doesn’t really matter, because this world exists…

It’s the world of Samurai Animals!


Let’s start with what interests you the most, to thank you for your support on the first collection, on September 9th, 12PM:

  • 10 SAE will be given away, drawn randomly among Samurai Animals (SA) Holders,
  • 1 SAE will be given to the holder of the golden cheetah of SA,
  • If you have 10 SA = I’ll offer you 1 SAE

The mint:

  • on Xoxno and MultiversX blockchain,
  • mint price (SA holders): 0.8 $EGLD – 16 September 2023 10AM.
  • mint price: 1 $EGLD – 16 September 2023 11AM.

I set this price because this collection is more than just an art collection. And my obejctive (although obviously I’d love to) is not to sell everything as quickly as possible. I want to build a universe, and build it with you. I have lots of ideas that I’d like to implement. And that’s why every piece in this collection is more than just a piece. It’s a piece of the story. It’s an adventure.

My artistic journey:

I encountered a significant challenge: I discovered and explored new methods that considerably extended the production time of a samurai… It’s amazing how much we improve over several months.

The result? More diverse, stronger, wiser, more determined, more beautiful, more magnificent!

I’ve been at it since April. I paid special attention to color composition, image quality and precision, and the life that these samurais exude. Many are discarded afterwards, and I only keep the best ones! I’ve created around 700, but I’ve only kept 400.

And I’m very proud of the results! Cheetahs, tigers, mice, rabbits, bulls, birds, and crocodiles… I love them all! That’s also why I gave them a little name and a philosophical phrase they could have uttered in a Hollywood movie or in a video game. That’s what makes me love them even more! And I hope you’ll like them too!

And, as time goes by, I’m going to develop the universe of these samurais, especially their stories.

Who knows where this will lead? By the way you can find the first story HERE

First bonus:

Rainbow is the rarest color trait. If you mint a rainbow samurai, you’ll get a free high quality print.

In summary:

  • 400 samurais, their nickname, their mantra and… their story!
  • 33 animals,
  • 6 colors.

SAE is coming soon.


PS: holding Samurai Animals Evolution AND Samurai Animals collection will always be an advantage in the future.

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