For « Cats rule the world » holders !

Hey fam ! What’s up ?

Let’s talk about Tropee quests for « Cats rule the world » holders !

The collection I’m talking about : HERE !

The rewards? High-quality prints in collaboration with SolidNFT!

They make high-end NFT prints on aluminum. It’s magnificent, and I can’t say enough about the result.

For you, holders, two TOTALLY FREE Tropees:

  • One to thank the biggest supporters: HERE!

9 free prints to claim, by having at least 3 cats and be an original minter.

  • One to thank everyone: HERE!

1 free print to be won in a random draw, by having minted at least one cat.

You can choose between two types of print. One glossy, the other matte.

Enjoy it’s free! It’s time to adopt one or more cats!

See ya’


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