The secret of a winning battle is the element of surprise. It’s not enough to know how to fight, you have to be able to surprise your opponent. Let the surprise paralyze them, stress them. If your enemy arrives confident in their confrontation with you, it’s because you’re ill-prepared. Because what really destroys a man is doubt. Doubt infiltrates every psychological flaw. It exploits every weakness, every flaw. Surprise is mental KO, it’s defeat without fighting, because it pushes you to make mistakes and to rush. That’s why I’m undefeated, that’s why they call me Zekalila, the Combat Queen. I am no expert with a sword, but I know how to use one. I am no expert with a spear, but I know how to use one. I am no expert in martial arts, but I have practiced them. And the list goes on. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? That shiver that runs down your spine? That’s because you don’t know how I’m going to kill you when you’ll face me. And the worst part? You won’t see my counterattack. But it will be fatal.