Walrio the Giant

In his adolescence, they used to shout at him, « You’re ugly ». What an affront. Walrio, however, was never violent. He always swore to show everything through his actions. Nevertheless, he wasn’t good at school nor particularly skilled with his hands. The only thing he possessed was this illness that caused him to grow perpetually and made his skin tougher like that of a walrus. So he turned things around. Yes, indeed: one should never let themselves be brought down. You look at the cards you have in your hands, and then you play your game. There’s always something to do, something on which you can lean your will. That’s how he became the most famous wrestler in Yb’s City, « Walrio the Giant ». And none of his opponents, be it Double G, Fulk Fogan, Conh Jena, or The Uppergiver, tell him ‘you’re ugly’ anymore. They respect him and want to fight against him. His skin and size aid him. He remains undefeated. Another field that would make those little idiots who insulted him regret their words: cinema. Rolled into a ball, he becomes as swift and powerful as a massive boulder. His schedule fills up so he can rush down the slopes of ancient cities abandoned, chasing adventurers who dared to trigger a trap.