Turt O'Lantern

Let’s be clear, for Turtibald, Halloween is a liberation. At last, he can be someone other than the firefighter he is every day. It’s all well and good to wear two hoses on your carapace and douse every passing fire like a « blaster », but being a pumpkin is cool. Yeah, it’s easy being a pumpkin. You just sit back and relax. And nobody bothers you because you made faces at yourself. What’s more, he’s got himself a nice name: Turt O’Lantern! The idea now is to make it commercial enough to go beyond October 31st. Don’t you see? Just like so many other commercial holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Take Christmas, for example. The decorations and chocolates are put up in the stores from mid-November onwards, then everything is taken down in mid-January! And there you have it: a holiday that’s only supposed to last one evening turns into 2 months of high value-added advertising… In cash!