Having money is nice, but it doesn’t make you alive. I was missing that spark. So I gathered together the best engineers and technicians on the planet to build a suit. The instructions: ultra-resistant and bio-connected to my body. Yes, I’m fascinated by optimization… a maximalist. But not at the cost of my humanity. So the bio-robotic solution is the best. An exo-skeleton combining the imagination of technology and my perfect human form. Let’s fast-forward… Obviously, the engineers succeeded. It’s all a question of means. Money is the expression of our will. At least mine. Today, I’m wearing the « Biorobotic Solider Gen. III » ARMOR. Ultra-resistant alloy. Hyper-flexible robot. Hyper agile. Because it’s bio-connected. Everything is simpler, faster and more logical. I can move my hand just as easily as I can manage a 50-meter jump with my robot. And the double cannon… Water, fire, neutron, EMI waves, laser… Anything you can imagine firing, I can actually fire. I am attack and defense. The last bastion of barbarism.