It’s over; he’s no longer an ordinary citizen stuck in a monotonous routine of work-sleep-repeat as Citizen #5. His name is Rudy! R.U.D.Y! One fine morning, he woke up determined to change his life. Why? Because the discomfort of change was less than that of staying the same. After all, what could be worse than what he was experiencing? He arrived at the office, gathered his things, and handed in his resignation under the invectives of his boss… Damn, can’t that guy ever shut up? Rudy grabbed his computer keyboard and slammed it into his boss’s big mouth. Some teeth flew. Despite the pain, the boss didn’t even dare to look up at Rudy, unaccustomed to his employees making their arguments heard. On his way home, Rudy bought new clothes. Now he feels cool. But a little out of shape. So he joined a gym. In a few months, he knows he’ll be proud of himself. We often overestimate what we can achieve in a few days but underestimate what we can do in six months. Finally, he arrived home and started writing everything he had wanted to write for years. Rudy has taken back control of his life.