I’m not likely to try and kill you first. I’m primarily a specialist in skulduggery and dodging. Nobody knows me. That is. They know me because I’m famous, but nobody really knows who I am. I have a long record of larceny and theft. All I leave behind is a small flame and my name, Rilker, attesting to my passage (as if the fact that there’s nothing precious left in your home isn’t enough…). But rest assured, if I steal from you, it’s because you’ll survive. And that from now on you’ll be doing charity work. Well, yes, I’m a nice person. I only keep a small souvenir of you, a sentimental trinket. Everything else I give to people who need it. But don’t think about punishing them. I wouldn’t like to avenge them. And what about punishing me? I want you to know that if you ever hold a gun to my head, I’ll be right behind you with my pistol at your head. And your threats will turn into melodic pleas.