John is not fundamentally a bad person. He is mainly hyperactive and bored. What better way to calm his urges than the adrenaline of theft? Indeed, there’s nothing better. So, he created the identity of Racer. He steals anything and everything, just for fun. He doesn’t sell anything, has no political agenda, nor any malicious intentions. He just wants to have fun. He displays all his stolen items in his room and puts them away when he’s not at work (he works as a sports coach) or when he’s not stealing. Recently, he noticed that a certain police officer was trying to follow him. She caught a glimpse of his silhouette. Racer is certain that she would love to catch him and get his photo. But the only thing she’ll end up with is a collection of cards he leaves at the crime scenes, saying, « Racer will never stop swiping ».