What could be a heavier burden than being the son of the inventor and pizza superstar, the great El Peperoni? Well, Peperonion wonders about that constantly, still searching for the answer. One thing he’s certain of (besides not knowing anything) is that he’s not cut out for cooking. He’s more the type to pour the milk before the cereal. Or maybe it’s the other way around! You see, he can’t even remember… much to his father’s dismay, who had such high hopes for him to carry on his legacy. But Peperonion doesn’t lose hope. He knows he will find his own path and make his father proud. He came to this realization after listening to numerous self-improvement podcasts. Now, he has confidence in himself. After all, isn’t the destination what matters? Or is it the journey? Well, just like with the milk and cereal, he needs to brush up on that… But he’s ready! Don’t sleep on Peperonion, he is cooking (not literally since his talent doesn’t lie in the kitchen, as you may have guessed, but metaphorically)!