Peli the postman

Viooooooooou. Delicate landing. What charisma. Such charm. What delicacy. 20/20, it’s a good thing this isn’t a competition for the best letter carrier’s landing, because Peli would clearly have won. And we tend not to like contests where we know the winner in advance… It’s no fun. Anyway, Peli isn’t into sports or competitions. He’s been a postal worker for 20 years with Dove, Hawk and Lark Logistics. He used to be a pizza delivery boy, but he has to deliver pizzas in under 30 minutes, which leaves no room for style or elegance. Peli prefers to be late, but in style. In any case, if you’re told that Peli will arrive at 10 a.m., take a wide stance, like between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. You never know. But don’t get me wrong, it will happen. But when you’re saving up or racking your brains to find a treasure… it’s worth the wait, isn’t it? All right, I admit that if you’re expecting a baby, it’s a pain. In that case, check out Unerring Precision Storks, the baby specialists. Accessible only by being among the first 100 to subscribe to the Ybelion newsletter.