Officer Bambi

She is not driven by the vengeance of a painful past or anything else. She simply loves justice. Without hesitation, she enters the police academy and plans to climb the ranks. Her goal is to become the commissioner of the city, no more, no less. Whenever she can, she lends a hand to her friend Amanda, who has become a secret agent. Amanda’s intervention against organized crime is valuable because as an officer, Bambi can’t do much against big players like Girafrina or Ze Fennequeno (but wait until she becomes commissioner, then it will be different). Currently, don’t worry, she has found her nemesis. A thief named « Racer » who leaves a calling card at every heist saying, « Racer will never stop pilfering ». So far, she has only seen a silhouette, but next time she will have a face, and the time after that, his photo in court.