I’ve always been fascinated by werewolves, but they have a flaw. They only reach their full power on the nights of the full moon. I wasted no time in tackling this issue. I sacrificed and lost everything. My job, my family, my friends, my lover… Now I’m alone, but solitude is good. It gives free rein to imagination and creativity. This freedom has led me down some… surprising paths. Some might say dark paths. But notions of good and evil are blurred and subjective. I’ve just injected myself with it and I’m writing these lines from my new form? The first sensations… Power. I can feel it coursing through my veins. And the call for blood… It’s omnipresent, I see it in the air, red and bloody lines leading me to my next targets… My chainsaw where is it… What can I conclude? Haven’t I won everything? Aren’t I magnificent?