My body is that of a child. I’m innocent, frail, sweet and cute. This is my perfect cover. I’ve had this shape for… millennia? I call it a cover, but my purpose is holy and laudable. I am the representative of an entity greater than us, born of men and nourished by their prayers. My power is proportional to the faith they have in me, and I can protect them the more they believe in me. I am the virtuous circle of belief, an incarnation of self-confidence. The last vortex of elevation. The shield against darkness, denial, distrust, procrastination and self-pity. I’m called « the blessed kid » in the religious mythology of this planet. But I prefer Lily, it’s softer. No one knows they’ve crossed paths with me, but everyone has at least once in their life. That’s what I’m all about. You might think that humanity is a lost cause, but that’s not how I feel. Sometimes all it takes is a sentence, a smile or a word to set someone’s genius on the road to success. I’ve done it for billions of people, I’d do it for you. It only takes one idea to change your life. Don’t give up, take action.