Lady Cheetianah

Lady Cheetianah is a prominent lady in Yb’s City. She is famous. But no one talks about her. Well, she happens to be the city’s greatest private detective. So when you hire her and she does a perfect job, well, you don’t talk about her because otherwise, someone might ask her to dig into your own secrets… And claiming that you have nothing to hide is great for the cameras, but much less appealing when you have to be held accountable! Lady C. operates with a vast network of what she calls her « little birds »’ We don’t know what they look like, but they are everywhere, observing us all. (We can only assume they’re not actual birds… the city’s greatest private detective wouldn’t be that transparent, right? Unless…) This allows Lady C. to know everyone’s little secrets. CEOs and executives, leaders of all kinds… To use a more sophisticated vocabulary, she essentially has everyone’s intimate details in the palm of her paw. The only ones she doesn’t have much power over are those who don’t care if they are seen for who they truly are (dedication to Don Poussino). When she takes off her glasses, she becomes Clara Kent. It’s a cover identity, that of a typical office employee who doesn’t make waves. So, is that the power of removing glasses?