La Girafrina

She doesn’t want to be just a gangster like Tony Monkeyna, Ze Fenequeno, or Don Poussino. She wants to be a STAR ! That’s why she uses a bazooka. It explodes, it sparkles, it’s extraordinary ! She pimped her bazooka a little on a show she created herself, which unofficially helps her launder her money : « Pimp my weapon ». She was the first contestant, and now, thanks to LFG, she has a bazooka with explosive ammunition accompanied by glitter and paint! It’s so colorful, so shiny! And that’s exactly what she needed to truly become famous (plus, it’s indelible paint, so you can’t forget her).

The backlash from her criminal notoriety ? She dreamed of having Don Flamingo as her personal tailor. But he refused, stating that he didn’t want to, and would never want to, get involved in Girafrina’s troubles. Don Flamingo is adored and too famous, she can’t wash away this affront. But everyone has a price. She will find hers, even if it takes using her bazooka in a big way.