King Teddy

King Teddy has self-proclaimed himself as the « King of Yb’s City ». The city is a democracy, but Teddy… I mean, King Teddy firmly believes in it. After winning the lottery and forgetting to pay his bills, here’s what he invested in: – a solid gold crown, – a solid gold sword (the only downside is that he wanted it to be so big that it’s way too heavy, and Teddy has never been able to lift it… So it’s collecting dust in a corner of his apartment, right where the blacksmith left it), – an armor… yes, you guessed it! Made of solid gold as well, – and lastly… a throne! And no, it’s not made of solid gold because Teddy never kept a bank account. By that point, he had already spent everything, so he settled for a gift from his great aunt Winnie. Well, what was missing for him to be a true king? Subjects! So Teddy kept it simple (and cheap), he asked his cousins to play his subjects. The deal? Free candies. Teddy doesn’t know how to manage his money, but you have to give him credit for his talent to negotiate with his cousins. However, Teddy’s candy stock is running low, and money is scarce, so his cousins will only be there from June 3, 2023, to June 6, 2023… It’s better than nothing. After that, Touchanceux, Toubisou, Toucâlin, Toutaquin, Tougentil, and Toumagique will return to their mom.