John Wolf

Have you ever heard the story about the pencil? Of course! Well, know that it’s the story of John Wolf. A resident of Yb’s City Continental, John is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, hitman in the city. Remember when we told you right here that Don Poussino, Tony Monkeyna, La Girafrina, and Ze Fenequeno were fearless? Well, they’re still afraid that one day John Wolf will accept a contract concerning them. But they don’t say anything because it’s best to ignore such a sensitive topic. Especially since the legend says that when you say his full name three times… John Wolf, John Wolf, John Wolf… he appears. – Oh, look who’s here! Hello, John. – Hello. – How are you? Your legend is legendary. I’m thrilled to have you here! What an honor! People will be happy to hear from you! To see that you’re not a mirage! – Yes. – What do you have to say to those who will tell you that you make a living dishonestly? Who say that killing people for money is wrong? – Nothing, they’re right. – Ha… And do you receive a lot of contracts per day? – Yes. – How many? Give us more details! People want to know! – … – Alright, uh… Do you fulfill all of them? I hope you don’t take into account requests from toxic ex-boyfriends! Because in that case, I would probably have problems! – No. Otherwise, you would be dead, yes. – … – That was a joke. – Phew! I was scared for a moment! Especially since I’m a public figure! Everyone knows where to find me and when to find me! Since I’m live on television at 8 p.m… – But just imagine if it wasn’t a joke. – … – … – I think we’ll stop here! Good luck, John! – Goodbye.