Joco Mirabel

Joco Mirabel is a laugh-maker. He makes the entire Yb’s City laugh. And he laughs too. He laughs a lot. Mainly at his own jokes. And you want the truth? Most of them are… bad. But if only humor was just about telling good jokes… Of course not! It’s about attitude, presence, charisma, and a sprinkle of « don’t worry, it’s the truth. » In fact, it’s about knowing how to tell a story. And Joco does that very well. Don’t believe us? Well, Hoots Beaks and Owls did an exercise for you. We randomly selected three citizens with questionable humor, even described by their loved ones as « absolutely terrible, wouldn’t even make a man under nitrous oxide crack a smile. They might even be the antidote to balloon problems. Or even to amusement in general. They’re like an emissary from a gray world where nobody laughs. » So, we gave these three citizens three of Joco Mirabel’s greatest sketches (we’re talking about sketches that, if they were awarded like music, would be triple diamond records):

– The difference between a good and a bad politician,

– The four-shoe pizza,

– Your momma so…

So these three citizens performed these three sketches, and, to cut to the chase, it was awful, nobody laughed, and I think someone even had a heart attack… So we did the exercise again with Joco himself, cleverly disguised with a mustache. And what a hit! Remember the guy who had the heart attack? Well, he’s alive again! In short, laughter feels good and is good for your health.

Find him every evening at the Yb’art café, the great Joco Mirabel.