Allow me to introduce myself : my name is Isabella, and I’m the head of a space company. Some would say I’m rolling in dough. And they’d be right. But there comes a time when space conquest is boring. Especially when everything’s going our way. So I went to my engineers and asked them to do something simple: design me a suit, a suit that contains all the technology of our most powerful spaceships. Concentrate on a few in particular: hyper-propulsion technology and medical technology, especially self-regenerative technology (which ensures the longevity of interstellar travel). Some laughed and were dismissed. Others took the instructions seriously and thought hard. Years later, and with a budget I wasn’t monitoring anyway, I can say it: I’ve done it. Here I am, equipped with the « Doc. FS I » aka Doctor Fast Space One. Capable of ultra-fast movement and equally fast regenerative aurora healing, I’m an invaluable member of the army. You can imagine my impact on the battlefield. Yes, yes, I’m worth at least 2,000,640 soldiers.