Professeur Infosaurus

Have you ever dreamed of learning anything? Then you’ve come to the right place. Professor Infosaurus is a WELL of knowledge. And we, the simple journalists who do the reporting, have realized this. The only problem is that for a simple and normally concise piece of information, you’ll need a good fifty minutes! Well, knowledge has its price! Otherwise, his favorite subject is clearly archaeology and historical artifacts. He loves to seek them out, hunt them down, outwit the traps set and find them. And there are plenty of them in Yb’s City… oh yes. The eggs were just the first step… the very first treasures of a long series… With that, we leave you with a quote from Professor Infosaurus: « Wizin ze pagez of zese bookz liez not only ze knowledge of ze agez, but ze keyz to ze adventchure of life. Dare to learn, dare to dream, and ze world will forever be your new frontier »