François is a bonus character in Yb’s City. He pays tribute to the NFTC community and its creators. He was exclusively available through a lottery held on the NFTC Discord. « Now Free To Create » is a non-profit collective initiative created by artists, for artists. It is a unique and free movement that highlights the talents of the digital world through spontaneous urban projections #NFTC.

Join us to explore the exciting and ever-changing world of digital art and discover the brightest talents in the Web3 art scene. As the first and only prototype of a real supersoldier, François le Français, an artist by trade, started off as a weak rooster. However, his convictions, values, and predisposition to a superheroic nature made him the perfect patient to test (his sense of design and creativity, to be honest, also played a role — he needed to wear a striking costume).

The fateful moment came in November 2022. He went from being an entirely normal living being to a superhero. He felt the strength of four, five, or even a hundred previous versions of François! It was as if… as if unity made him powerful! The scientists who worked on the project, Gothsa, CakeOne, xgarreau and NFT Chocolate would say, « It was a day to be marked as a milestone, the birth of a grand project for the French community ».

Since then, François has become a new rooster. He trains day and night to fulfill his mission and not disappoint the French community. And despite not knowing how to chase the wicked ladies and gentlemen, François uses his free time to popularize his passion: « I’m proud to be committed to making the public discover the talent of web3 artists for free. I actively campaign for the democratization of art and the popularization of this new ecosystem ».

His only regret? His name. He would like to have a stylish superhero name. What do you think of « OmniRooster », « RoosterMan » or « SuperRooster » ?