« Femme fatale », Félindra is known for devouring men who try to tame her. It’s no wonder she’s on her seventeenth husband. Indeed, at 24 years old, it’s an impressive score, but « they don’t last long by my side ». With Félindra, it’s a fast life, full of energy, novelty, danger, and adrenaline. She confesses that sitting in this chair for the interview is one of the few breaks she has taken in recent years. She never stops and tries anything and everything in any field. She even came to this interview wearing a thick coat made of snow leopard fur. Yes, wearing such a coat is « Cruelle la! », she admits in French. But it’s her way of showing that she is cynically strong and unshakable. In fact, absolutely nothing and no one in this city scares her, even a little bit. She knows she would break them all. However, she must admit that she has an enemy. Someone she respects (and hates). Her only true enemy, her Achilles’ heel: Lady Cheetianah. « What a **** ». Because of her, Félindra’s activities are starting to become known to the general public; they even started calling her the « diamond cruncher ». She says this through gritted teeth, adding, « The person who says that to my face better be made of diamond because I couldn’t help but pounce on them and tear… whatever. It depends on my mood. Beyond Lady Cheetianah, the real problem is the men I rip… I mean, marry. At the first opportunity, they’re ready to project their flaws and weaknesses onto me. But if your flaws are so visible and easy to exploit, shouldn’t you start by blaming yourself? ». Something to ponder.