One of the founding members of the famous rap group AWA (Animals With Attitudes), Eazy-Oce had a perfectly normal childhood. He was immersed in the music his parents listened to from a young age and started playing it, singing, and rapping. Inspired by the great music legends like Niscat, Nicky Michat, and the Migoats, and completely disregarding the survivorship bias, Eazy-Oce said to himself, « Why not me? ». However, wanting to have a clear conscience (and not upset his mom), he decided to continue with school. And he made the right choice. He met Mc-Po, Dr. Gre, and Ice Corg in one of the public high schools in Yb’s City. They decided to embark on their musical journey together. And guess what? They became a sensation! It’s like a movie! Now, they are superstars… Find their hit single SOY (Straight Outta Yb’s City) on all streaming platforms. It may not be edible, but it’s spicy and full of flavor!