Dr. Tornadowl

Dr. Tordanowl was an eminent researcher, with success and popularity in her sights. One day, which she doesn’t want to talk about and no one remembers, she realizes the futility of life. So she begins to wander like a lost soul, asking herself: « Where is the meaning? », « What is the purpose of life? » and « Is life worth living?

It was during a trip to a monk’s camp at the top of a mountain that she came across the mystical arts and their equally mystical practice. And then! She rediscovered the meaning of her life. After an eternity spent training (unless time runs differently up that mountain in that monk’s camp) she’s ready to return to her hometown and use her magic for good. She decides to join forces with Fire-Lion, Croc’Water and Bearground to form the « 4 Elements ».

In her loose, light magician’s clothing, Dr. Tornadowl becomes a master illusionist.