Dr. Gre

He masters the scratch. Well, he popularized it. Others took a long time to understand, but he grasped it as soon as he laid his sticky hands on a DJ turntable. Together with Eazy-Oce, Mc Po, and Ice Corg, they form the group AWA (Animals With Attitudes). And they dominate the world of « urban music » (as the mainstream media likes to call it). Obviously, for Dr. Gre, who, like the other members of AWA, grew up immersed in all kinds of music, this label of « urban music » is perfectly stupid. It would be better to stop trying to pigeonhole music and focus on the message it conveys or the energy it emits! Music is music, after all! That’s Dr. Gre’s vision, anyway. As for what Dr. Gre does when he’s not making music? He ventures into other endeavors. It all started after a trip to Paris. That’s where he met Fifi. And it changed his life, so he wanted to pay tribute to her. Their company, The Famous « Fifi the Fabulous French Frog »’s Friends (even Eazy-Oce admitted he couldn’t pronounce that phrase without messing up), aka « The 6F », became a must-have in just a few months: luxury clothing, headphones and earphones, musical instruments, speakers, sports cars… and much more. This popularity has put it in the crosshairs of big investors, mostly shady ones, who dream of hostile takeovers. Of course, they first need to be capable of spelling the company name correctly! That’s why Dr. Gre couldn’t care less. In fact, these futile attempts make him burst into laughter. As a successful entrepreneur and superstar DJ, what does the future hold for Dr. Gre?