Don Poussino

Afflicted with an orphan disease, Don Poussino never grew up. But he never liked being mocked either. So, he took matters into his own hands and used cunning, charisma, and demagoguery to build one of the largest mafia empires in Yb’s City. Is he satisfied? Of course not. Don Poussino wants to establish his yellow and fluffy power over the entire city and have everyone eating out of his wing. He works hard every day to achieve that… In fact, here’s what, Père Dodu, a member of the « Black Company », Don Poussino’s inner circle, has to say: « Don Poussino, as a matter of principle, claims the right to seize anything that is not nailed down and also considers anything he can unnailed fall into the same category. » But his greatest obstacle? Tony Monkeyna, La Girafrina and Ze Fenequeno, who also intend to take control of the city.