Don Flamingo

A genius fashion designer, he never backs down from a challenge. If it’s beautiful, it may not be his creation, but if you are amazed by the wild and crystallized beauty encapsulated in a few inches of fabric, it’s definitely the work of Don Flamingo. For example, want a secret ? He designed all the costumes for the superheroes and supervillains in Alfred Orantino’s films. From a young age, he started playing with scissors and colored pencils. He remembers his kindergarten days vividly. Picture this: Yb’s City, ten years ago. A young flamingo attends his first coloring class. The topic of the class: staying within the lines. So, the young flamingo picks up a pencil and begins coloring the little red kitten in front of him. A few minutes later, the teacher walks behind him and scolds him, saying : « You’re going over the lines and making a mess ! ». But he persists and continues. The teacher reminds him two or three more times, then gives up, telling him that if that’s what he hands in, he’ll receive a 0/20. In the end, the young flamingo submits his work. The teacher is stunned. What beauty ! The little red kitten is no longer wearing its usual attire but an exquisite, voluptuous red dress. The young flamingo had gone beyond the lines. It earned him a perfect score of 20/20 and the purchase and production of his design by the city’s first lady. At just five years old, the little flamingo was already famous. Believe in your dreams and think outside the box.