I’ve suffered a lot in my life. I grew up in a gutter. Well, in several, since I wasn’t allowed to settle in one. If you can settle in a gutter, that is. In short, there’s a positive side to all this suffering: you do everything you can to get out of it. Now I can’t suffer any more, I’m no longer human. I’m a decentralized spirit controlling nanoparticles of mud. I go by many names: the swamp fairy, lady mud, the brown monster… and many legends. But everyone forgets that above all I’m just a human who suffered, whose name was Delia, and who never stopped, never stopped working because she didn’t want to suffer any more, she wanted to be happy. Am I happy now? I think so. To tell you the truth, I never think about it and I don’t try to be anymore. So I guess I am. And yes, isn’t there anyone more unhappy than the naive persons who keep telling themselves that they are the opposite of what they are?