In all the comics I read, a lot of the heroes came into contact with a radioactive animal or substance and developed powers… It was too present, too specific to be just imagination. So I tried. For years, I ingested minimal quantities of radioactive substances. The dose had to be so small that it didn’t kill me or destroy my cells. The other prerequisite was an impeccable lifestyle. I couldn’t let any health problem interfere with my daily exposure to radioactivity. It took me 50 years of exposure. I’m now 65 and it worked. 50 years of exposure triggered a threshold that unleashed an unsuspected power. I have a new way of controlling my body, a new form. A sapphire-blue substance that seems to have newly composed my muscles. Or rather, it seems to have blended into them. The advantage is that this substance is hyper-stretchable, hyper-resistant, absorbs and reflects energy. I don’t understand it, but I control it. After 50 years, I’ve achieved my goal. I can become a superhero. I’m no longer just Darion. I can be Black Sapphire.