Hey ! What’s up people? I hope you’re all well! Let me introduce myself, I’m Chuka aka Spore Lord! Yeah, it’s a lot cooler than Butterfly-man… I’ve even been called Butterfriend… Can you believe these guys? Where do they think we are? Circus school? Hahaha, I’m so funny. Did you know that it’s the first way to cure someone? Laughter? Well, now you know! My aim was to help heal as many people as possible. But the human body itself isn’t built for it, we’re not fast enough, not precise enough… I needed something… Something different! So I invented nano-particles, enabling the airborne transmission of all kinds of antiviruses, antibodies and whatnot… I don’t know how we didn’t think of it sooner. It’s not as if mankind had already been struck down by viruses that spread almost exclusively through the air… It was obvious that mass healing was airborne. So, one method of dissemination and one winged thing from the animal kingdom later… Here I am with new grafted wings, ready to deploy my healing method. My healing particles are ready! Oh, don’t try to see them, they’re practically invisible, but these little particles heal, I swear. And this time I’m not kidding! Cheers!