Caius. I think my name was Caius. I can’t remember what they called me. Nor really where I come from. I had a mother I think once. But that’s all behind me now. The only memories I have of my former life are my passions. My passions are monkeys and limitless experiments. I’m the greatest evolutionist on this planet… I’ve returned man to his rawest characteristics and purest physique. The one that enabled him to survive and conquer this planet. Because we had lost everything. But our era was not all negative… So in this body I integrated the intellect of 5,000 years of cerebral evolution. I became an indestructible, ultra-intelligent being. Unbeatable, in short. And that makes sense, because I’ve achieved the perfect balance between physical power and thinking capacity. I’m not as strong as the fiercest beast, but I’m smarter, so I’ll beat it. I’m not as smart as the greatest brain of our time, but I’m strong enough to resist his schemes indefinitely, then crush him. Nothing can stop me now, I’ve solved the « human » power equation. I’ll take control of my galaxy and any others I come across. I’m Ape Commander.