Okay. This is crap.
You might think it’s negative or that I’ve found myself in a predicament that brings me closer to death… but absolutely not. It’s just that I’ve blown up my target. There’s nothing left for me to use as evidence. How do I get paid? They’re going to invoke their f**** « legal recourse of proven destruction ». Some legal bullshit invented by salesmen anxious to pay as little as possible for as much work as possible…
And it’s not for lack of trying, I swear. But you see, it’s so hard to hold back. Most of my targets are arrogant jerks with a little smile that says: « Who are you? You’re so skinny, you can’t expect me to believe you’re going to beat me… ». So yes, of course I want to beat them. And I’ve been training since I was 5 years to beat the s*** out of scum, so when I throw a punch, it’s not just a few teeth that pop out or a few ribs that break. The menu consists of crumbling vertebrae soup and mushy internal organs.
Anyway, I’m Beth, code name Iron Lady. Pleased to meet you. I’ll keep it short, I don’t like to talk about my life, and I’ve got another target to destro… sorry, capture. I grew up alone with my father, who instilled in me something very precious: « Life is hard, but nothing is impossible for someone who has the will to achieve great things. »
So I listened to all his advice. I’ve trained every day of my life. My body is a pure product of a job well done. A lethal weapon that needs nothing but itself to accomplish its mission… But it’s still more fun with plasma-injected gloves and boots. Don’t be on my todo list, you won’t be here to read it… Or see it. Or… well, basically, you’d be dead.