Batistbald de la Rochenoire

Batistbald started from nothing. He climbed each of the rungs that were, until now, within his reach. He became richer than rich. But is that the ultimate goal? Of course not. Money has never bought happiness. However, it would be foolish to think that one can live without it. It’s a transactional tool that provides increasingly significant leverage. With one goal in mind : to be free. Batistbald had the misfortune of bearing a noble-sounding surname and first name, even though he was born in the depths of society. No matter, he tailored a persona with what they say about him. In fact, he’s crafting an even more expensive one lately: « arrogant, unscrupulous, go-getter » they say of him. But let them think what they want. Being free also means having the courage not to be liked. And Batistbald is an optimistic man who brings about change through his sometimes brutal pragmatism. Recently, he partnered with Jean-Pascal Morgan… A… well, it doesn’t matter. It’s a lever. As long as it’s legal and he’s in control, Batistbald is willing to make many sacrifices. See you at the top!