Alfred Orantino

You won’t find anyone who comes close to Alfred Orantino. Pure talent and undisputed genius in screenwriting and directing. Alfred Orantino is the most bankable and trendy personality in the world of cinema in Yb’s City. His uniqueness? He never writes anything down. He has everything in his mind and directs everything from his chair, which he only leaves to collect yet another Oscar, César, or any other awards because he wins them all. He confesses that he loves his art films. The poignant films that depict real or historical situations and convey an important message that his audience needs to hear. And there’s no doubt he’s skilled at it. The Bridges of Yb’s City County, Pox et Pouky, Yb History X, and the list goes on… But his guilty pleasure? Simply put, it’s the YCU (Yb’s City Universe) and the extraordinary world populated by superheroes and their supervillains: « It’s my inner child. I know that those are the ones that perform the best, and to be recognized as a great director, you shouldn’t make blockbusters and have low box office numbers, but I can’t help but develop the YCU. I love what it represents. Who hasn’t dreamed of having superpowers? » Indeed, it’s a hit, and « The 4 Elements », Fire-Lion, Croc’water, Bearground, and Dr. Tornadowl are superstars in Yb’s City!