Agent Fox

Amanda grew up in a poor neighborhood of the city, ravaged by organized gangs led by various mafia bosses of Yb’s City. Barely born, her parents died in a shootout between the gangs of Don Poussino and Tony Monkeyna. Despite being deeply sorry for this tragedy, ever since she was little, she has had one obsessive idea in mind : to catch all these gangsters. Subsequently, she was raised by her grandmother, and it was when she entered the police academy that the second tragedy of her life occurred. Girafrina, eager to establish that from now on, the race for the greatest gangster in the city would be played with her, used her bazooka to destroy an abandoned factory used by Don Poussino. The explosion was so massive that the building across the street caught fire. Unfortunately, Amanda’s poor grandmother did not survive the incident. The mourning period was difficult, but Amanda emerged from it stronger and even more determined. After serving as a police officer alongside Officer Bambi for a while, she decides to work for the secret services. With her unwavering determination, she successfully passes all the tests with flying colors. Now known as Agent 00F or 006, she has a license to kill. However, she refuses to use it; she refuses to stoop to the degrading levels of criminals. She has vowed to bring them all to justice. Girafrina better watch out.